Jeremy Donnell

  • Owner/Chief Technician
  •  B.A.S. – Computer Information Systems (University of Michigan)
  •  Comptia A+ Certified
  •  15+ years of professional experience

I started playing around programming on my grandfather’s Texas Instruments TI-99 when I was a kid. Following that I was messing around with our Commodore 64 (which I miss dearly) and then a sweet Packard Bell 386sx/16. I took a couple of summer computer/programming classes during my summer breaks but soon found that I was more interested in taking them apart than writing code. In high school I took some more computer classes and began participating in a few local BBS systems and at one point was even a Co-SysOp for one. Ultimately, I found myself in college majoring in Computer Information Systems while working at local electronics/computer stores. In late 2003, following the closure of several stores nationwide by a certain cow spotted company (including the ones I was managing the service departments for), I started Donnell Technical Services. The last 10 years have been a blast. I’ve traveled pretty much everywhere in and around Genesee County, met a lot of great people, and fixed an awful lot of problems. I’m excited to see what the next decade brings.